The Old Man Down the Street


A case for the expansion of the (Personal) Universe- as seen by The Old Man Down the Street.

WHO? and WHY?

OK -- first of all - Who the heck is "The Old Man Down the Street"? That's what my son started calling me one day. I kinda like it. It's not disrespectful because it's accurate (and don't let the picture mislead you - I'm really a nice guy...)
Anymore personal info would be superfluous. Even though this site is from a personal point of view - that's not what it's really about...

A case for the expansion of the (Personal) Universe - We all live in our own personal "universe".

We can choose to be narrow-minded and live in the caves of our minds and see the world through "tunnel vision" - becoming obssessed with our "differences" from others - refusing to see our more important commonalities. Eventually we would just withdraw further and further into the blackness, eventually smothered by the darkness that would surround our hearts and minds - leaving us alone and bitter.


We can - under an infinite sky - share in the wonders and mysteries of the gift of the universe we all live in.

If we strive to expand our personal universes - and at least offer to help others in their quest to expand theirs... we just might make a positive difference in at least one person's life - and that's not a small thing!

My father always told me that "The only thing you have in your life of any real value is what you give of yourself to others."

In that spirit of sharing, this site will include links to web sites that have led me down further paths of discovery.

Humbly yours...
"The Old Man Down the Street"... 7/05/03 -- 8:41 p.m. the way - my son created this site for me... Aye, 'e's a good lad!

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